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SAP Fiori Apps' Usage Report

Helping you understand the value delivered with SAP Fiori launchpad applications.

Key features

The following are the key features of Fiori Apps’ Usage Report:

  • Convenient, system landscape-wide dashboard showing all SAP Fiori launchpads applications usage
  • Filtering on systems, functional area, application type (standard, custom, extended apps, etc)
  • Linkage with an exact application name and its details
  • Raw usage records export to prepare statistics reports with your favorite analytical tool

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The following are the key benefits:

  • Understand which apps are delivering value to which business users
  • Understand the importance in case of the app failures to set the right priority when supporting the apps
  • Track your project testing progress
  • Perform audit and compliance with the scope defined for the project
  • Detect access risks across your SAP landscape
  • Automate reviews of user access