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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the prerequisites/minimal requirements for installation?

The minimal requirement is any SAP system with GAP Gateway (software component SAP_GWFND) on SAP NetWeaver version at least 7.52 (see details)

2. Will the Fiori Tracker release 2020 work on my S/4 HANA system that is on the different releases (1610, 1709, 1809, 1909)?

Yes. Fiori Tracker release numbering is independent of SAP release numbering. Fiori Tracker release 2020 is compatible with SAP S/4 HANA releases from 1610 to 2022. Refer Minimal requirements for more details.

3. What details do you need for troubleshooting the issues?

Please send the screenshots from the application running in Chrome with URL and "Developer tools" console.

Screenshot from respective SAP Gateway system from SAP Gui menu: System->Status SAP System Data -> Details.

4. Is there any way that I can pull the historical data?

The data is collected when the Fiori Apps' Usage Plugin is active for the user, so there is no way to pull the historical data.

5. What is the architecture of the solution?

Please find the details in the Architecture section.

6. How is the solution deployed?

Fiori Apps' Usage Report is deployed by importing the transports. Please find the details in deployment section.

7. How much time does it take to implement the Fiori Apps' Usage and start collecting the usage records?

You can set up and start using Fiori Apps' Usage in a couple of hours. The descriptions in the installation section will guide you through all the required steps. Should you encounter any problem, you can reach Fiori Apps' Usage team on the support Slack channel or ask the team for a screen-sharing session.

8. Can I use my roles instead of the ones provided in Fiori Apps' Usage transport requests?

Yes. See how to create or extend an existing role.

9. How to get the SAP system installation number?

Please check the detailed description.

10. Should we install Fiori Apps Usage Report on SAP Solution Manager?

SAP Solution Manager is a very good choice when it comes to using Fiori Apps' Usage Report and Fiori Tracker suite tools when your main landscape can get temporarily offline (upgrades and other maintenance activities). The only reason we do not encourage our users to use SAP Solution Manager is that most of the installations are on NetWeaver below 7.52 while Fiori Tracker Suite component need at least NetWeaver 7.52. If your SAP Solution Manager is on 7.52 then it is a perfect place for installation.

11. Do you have a demo of the application?

We can arrange a call to demo Fiori Apps Usage Report on our systems. Please let us know using the "Get an offer" on the main page if you would like to have a call. We will send the timing proposition.

12. What are all roles needed for manager and user?

Please check the summary.

13. What is the Fiori App Usage impact on applications and system performance?

Fiori Apps usage impacts overall system performance as little as possible. See the details in Fiori App Usage performance influence section.

14. Why should we use a third-party solution instead of waiting for the same function delivered by SAP out of the box?

Any solution to the application usage reporting problem will require identifying the applications covered by the project. As the Fiori Apps Usage Report's key aspect is the identification, you can start tracking the app's usage with the Fiori Apps Usage report and leverage the same app identification records if the standard out-of-the-box solution will be developed.